A modern man cannot imagine his life without using various life support systems. This means that at the last stages of the construction of any facilities, installation of technical equipment is required, including electrical, gas and heating equipment, video surveillance systems, fire alarms, communications, etc. Such work involves laying cables and pipes. In order to make them as inconspicuous as possible, it is necessary to develop a professional project that takes into account the particular layout of the premises, as well as the used building materials and installed equipment.

It also happens during the construction of industrial buildings, where the installation of machine tools, conveyor lines and other equipment is carried out.

Our company has been installing technical and industrial equipment for over 10 years, providing a full range of services in the construction industry. Our staff includes a sufficient number of representatives of engineering and technical specialties, as well as installation technicians with extensive practical experience in dozens of objects of different levels and purposes. We control the execution of all operations at all stages, therefore we guarantee their high quality.